Rummaging through Rejects


Did you ever go through old notebooks, skimming through leafs of the past, reminiscing over oldie but goody plans you had? Amazing feeling of nostalgia. 

But what’s more amazing is finding out you actually achieved every bit of it. Priceless!

The thing about bad ideas is that they’re never really bad, it’s usually a matter of perspecive, structure and wait for it… Time!

Discarding bad ideas is a bad idea!

Growth does a lot to us and you find out that if you have indeed grown business wise and intellectually you would be able to in fact, rummage through all your past ideas and draw fresh inspirations from there. Recycled innovations.

So you see recycling isn’t just good for the earth, it’s good for the earthlings as well (pardon my french).

So here’s a fun excersise. Get you a journal and label it “My book of Bad Ideas” or something witty if you may. Now every time you have a terrible idea, write it down in your bad idea journal and give yourself a time gap. Preferably a year. Go back to that book after a year and even if you don’t draw inspiration from your ridiculous musings, you get to have yourself a good laugh. Sike!

But on a much more serious note, if you belong to a professional group or an office, constant mind stimulation exercises should be encouraged and you or your supervisor can start by encouraging everyone to get a Bad Idea journal.

If you’re comfortable with going even deeper you can organise an idea session once in a while, swap terrible ideas with coworkers and watch innovations rise out of bonker scribbles.


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