The Kubi story


Kubi Urban is a clothing line for the urban man. Before Kubi, there was Rits Viks. A mouthful to pronounce but a product of one’s craft nevertheless. Here’s how we told Ekwubi’s story…

Ekwubi came to us not knowing how he could emote his love for African prints to the world. Ekwubi called himself Kelvin and I wondered what was so African about Kelvin. I told him, “To get others to believe you need to first believe, then live it”2016-05-09 12.23.43

He embraced his African side and with a little help from us kept it urban. After series of consultations, we decide on a new brand name coined from Ekwubi… Kubi! Amazing isn’t it?

Apparently we can’t wait for the launch but spoiler alert, it’s going to be massive!

Shout out to Stunna Grafix for bringing this to life! Amazing team player☺

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